The Nickname White House Aides Have For Ivanka Is Going To Seriously Piss Off America

It was almost inevitable, really. We were bound to find out just how much better than us the Trumps think they are. After all, Donald himself hails from a long line of Trumps who have never had to work a day in their lives. Why would his own family be any different? And possibly the most spoiled of all is, of course, Ivanka, in whom Donald clearly sees all of the traits he thinks are good about himself.

But there’s no way to be prepared for the nickname that the president’s aides have given her because it is absolutely maddening. According to a long-form piece in the upcoming October edition of Vanity Fair, West Wing advisers have taken to calling her “Princess Royal.” That’s a name that came up during the G20 Summit when Trump gave her his seat at the conference table between England and China. The move angered even some insider fans of Trump, with one saying at the time, “This is not a royal family.”

They’ve got that right. America was founded by people who believed in democracy, who wanted to get away from a king. Sure, we love to watch the British royal family — because it all seems like a fantasy. In fact, America’s obsession with the Windsors mostly began with Princess Diana, the first in the royal house whose marriage did not include a vow to “obey” her husband.

The unnamed advisers to Trump may call his daughter that behind her back, but there is little doubt that both she and her father see things that way. Her appointment to a position inside the White House was essentially a coronation, and the veins of nepotism that course through Trump’s administration carry blood as blue as the states Trump lost last November.

In the pages of the upcoming article, another anonymous member of the inner circle outlines the problem with Ivanka and even “Prince” Jared:

What is off-putting about them is they do not grasp their essential irrelevance. They think they are special.

Let’s hope the House of Trump is short-lived.

Featured image via Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Lord & Taylor

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