Even As Trump Rips Their Country On Twitter, Mexico Offers Help With Hurricane Harvey

Just as they did during and in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina a dozen years ago, Mexico has extended a hand in friendship and assistance to the state of Texas to help them deal with Hurricane Harvey. Their generosity is especially moving in light of the horrible things our president has said about them, including insulting tweets as recently as Sunday:

Mexico has, of course, repeatedly reiterated that it will not be paying for Donald Trump’s multi-billion-dollar wall. The fact that a response is even merited still baffles me, because why in the world would they? But quite apart from their dealings with the U.S. President, Mexico has always had a good relationship with the state of Texas. The ties between the southern state and the country they used to be a part of have always been strong, due to the large mobile population that blurs the border between our two countries.

Both Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray and Carlos Gonzalez Gutierrez, the Mexican consul general in Austin have contacted Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s office to extend their offers of assistance. Gutierrez, in fact, has been “in constant communication with the governor’s office,” according to the Dallas Morning News:

As we have done in the past, Mexico stands with Texas in this difficult moment.

The consul general in Dallas, Francisco de la Torre Galindo, echoed Gutierrez’ sentiment:

The offer for help and collaboration acknowledges a reality. We live in the same neighborhood called North America. We can’t be distant neighbors, not any more, not ever.

After extensive searching on social media and on the Office of the Governor’s website, we can’t seem to find any acknowledgment from Governor Abbott of Mexico’s offers. That’s disappointing, as Mexico has very publicly made them and their help is always welcome. As of Monday afternoon, however, there was nothing on Texas.Gov, Abbott’s Facebook page, or either his personal Twitter account or his official account, the latter of which he uses extensively.

On Texas’ (and America’s) behalf, let me say — Thank you Mexico, and thank you, President Peña Nieto for your offer. We can always use a hand.

Featured image via John Moore/Getty Images