Phoenix Newspaper Breaks The Internet In Brutal Tweetstorm On Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio

A Phoenix publication took to its Twitter account to explain the kind of person former Sheriff Joe Arpaio is following Donald Trump’s decision to pardon him. The former reality show star pardoned the racist former Sheriff of Maricopa County while a hurricane was barreling down on Texas. Trump is likely testing his pardoning powers to use that same privilege for the Russia investigation.

Joe Arpaio called himself “America’s toughest sheriff,” but appeared to be begging for a pardon after he was convicted of criminal contempt in July after violating a 2011 court order in a racial profiling case. Arpaio, 85, was ordered to stop profiling Latinos but he couldn’t stop himself.

Trump tweeted, “I am pleased to inform you that I have just granted a full Pardon to 85 year old American patriot Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He kept Arizona safe!” but the Phoenix New Times which has covered Arpaio for two decades reminded everyone that the former sheriff is no patriot.

Arpaio described his own jail as a ‘concentration camp.’

Trump’s ‘patriot’ has blood all over his hands.

Arpaio is a very cruel man.

He had a reporter arrested.

The cruel former sheriff has a lot in common with the Birther-in-Chief.

Then he had the judge and his wife investigated.

A puppy was set on fire.

Trump also thinks Sheriff David Clarke Jr. is a cool dude. He’s not, but Trump promoted his book on Twitter this morning, calling him a “great guy.”

“A great book by a great guy, highly recommended!” he tweeted.

Terrill Thomas, a 38-year-old black man died of thirst in Clarke’s Milwaukee County Jail cell last year. Thomas’s death was ruled as a homicide. Clarke Jr. has said that Black Lives Matter “is a terrorist movement,” and calls it, Black LIES Matter.” If David Clarke played a role in Django Unchained, you know which character he’d be perfect for.

These two awful men are Trump’s ‘patriots.’

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images.

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