Trump’s Latest Retweet Is Actually The Best Possible Metaphor For His Presidency (IMAGE)

In the middle of a Twitter tantrum directed toward Mitch McConnell, James Clapper, Democrats and the “fake news,” Donald Trump retweeted a bit of light hearted boasting in the form of a meme that shows Trump eclipsing President Obama.

In the meme, Trump’s beaming color-filled picture eclipses a dour black and white photo of Obama.

More than a few Twitter users saw racist overtones:

Most, though, saw it as the perfect metaphor for Trump’s presidency. In the meme, Obama is compared to the sun, which literally sustains all life. Trump is portrayed as a rock that temporarily blocks the light.

Other’s simply noted Trump’s pathological obsession with his far superior predecessor.

Either way, this retweet very nicely sums up everything about Trump’s reign. Too bad it’s lasting so much longer than the eclipse.

Featured image via screen capture.