Trump Supporter Laura Ingraham FAILS With Fake Photo Of Trump’s Sh*tty Rally Crowd

You know how conservatives are constantly screaming “FAKE NEWS” every time they see something they don’t like? It’s interesting that they have no problem sharing “news” that is demonstrably fake given their professed distaste for it.

This is what Trump Nazi Laura Ingraham’s website looks like as I type this sentence:

Notice anything off? If you guessed “the photo of what she claims is five straight miles of Trump fans banging on the doors to barely halfway fill a venue that is capped at 5,000 people” you’re correct. Good job. You get a cookie. Go you!

The image is from an event that serves as the traditional pick for conservatives when they want to lie about Donald Trump’s crowd size. That’s right — the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers victory parade (FUN FACT: Like almost everything else, it attracted more people than Trump’s inauguration).

This isn’t the first time Ingraham has acted like an embarrassment to the human race. In 2016, she was captured at CPAC giving the Nazi salute to a photo of Trump that appeared to be doing the same back at her:

It’s important to remember that this is what passes for reality in the Stupid Part of America. Recently, the Virginia Republican Party shared a “news” article claiming that Rosa Parks’ daughter praised Trump as a “civil rights hero,” for example. Rosa Parks had no children, but that didn’t stop their idiot followers from sharing it hundreds of times.

Conservatives are easy to mock these days for some reason. It’s no wonder they keep telling us that the way to win them over is to stop calling them racists and making fun of their hilarious stupidity.

Featured image via screengrab