We May Soon Know The Sources Of Christopher Steele’s Trump ‘Dossier’

According to a new report, former British spy Christopher Steele has finally opened up to the FBI about the sources of what he calls his prurient “dossier” on Donald Trump and his ties to the Kremlin, sources that were only identified by letters throughout the document.

The 35-page document was authored by Steele, an ex-MI6 agent, and first published on Buzzfeed in January, but although the report is unsubstantiated, it alleged that the Russian government had material that they could use to blackmail Trump, allowing the Kremlin to impede in the 2016 United States presidential election.

Steele initially went into hiding after publishing his dossier, but investigators looking into Russia’s election meddling have been trying to reach out to him since the document went public, with the Washington Post reporting earlier this year that the FBI was even planning on paying him for more information on Trump’s potential ties with Russia. This apparently occurred when an intermediary brought Steele’s findings to the FBI following the release of hacked Democratic National Committee emails, a move later found to be part of Russia’s effort to sway the election and a notion the President has repeatedly slammed as “fake news.”

Now it has come to light that Steele has told investigators about the identities of his sources, however, it is still unknown what, if any, other information he gave. This reported meeting between Steele and the agency could be a potential deal-breaker for the Commander in Chief, as it comes at a time when the FBI, the House, the Senate, and special counsel Robert Mueller are all simultaneously investigating Russia’s role in last year’s election.

Furthermore, Aleksej Gubarev, a Russian businessman named in the document, has filed a defamation suit in Florida, however, Steele is currently fighting a federal court request for him to testify, claiming his thoughts on the matter are for his ears only.

Featured image via Leon Neal/Getty Images