Fox And Friends Completely Panics And Cuts Segment Short Because A Democrat Showed Up (VIDEO)

While the right accuses the left of being “snowflakes” because we think all people should be treated with fairness and respect, the right, led by Donald Trump, is becoming more and more frightened of any dissenting voices.

That point couldn’t have been made more clearly on Wednesday’s Fox and Friends. They did one of their “man on the street” segments, where they visited a diner in Louisville, KY. The idea was to have a debate, but only with Fox’s rules, apparently.

“Let’s get right to the debate,” (Fox’s Todd) Piro said. “Jefferson County, where we are, highly Democrat. Bullitt County, right across the way here, heavy Republican.”

Turning to a man named Keith, Piro began to ask a question of a “Trump voter” — but he was quickly interrupted by a man who approached from behind with a sign reading “Fox Lies.”

“I’m a Democrat right here,” the man said.

The appearance of an actual Democrat, and not one hand-picked by Fox was a bit too much to deal with, apparently.

Source: Raw Story

“Alright, alright,” Piro replied, pushing the man’s sign out of view of the camera. “We’re going to wrap this up and we’re going to go on off to commercial.”

Here’s the video:

Fox didn’t really have an explanation as to why they cut the segment short, other than being afraid of the white haired man.

Brian Kilmeade said, “I was reading his lips. I know exactly what he meant.”

His lips weren’t visible in the shot. He did call Fox “fake news” though, which is only a threat, apparently, if a Democrat says it.

Then Steve Doocy admitted that “we don’t know exactly what was going on there, but they felt it in the best interest of the telecast, we cut away.”

Apparently for Fox, there’s nothing more threatening than actually being fair and balanced.

Featured image via video screen capture.