Trump Told More Than A Thousand Documented Lies In Only Seven Months (DETAILS)

What would you do if someone kept track of everything you ever said? Most of us aren’t in a position to have their every utterance monitored, but if we were, we might actually, you know, watch what we said. Especially if we knew that the people keeping track were specifically looking for lies, backtracking, flip-flopping, and repetition of all of the above.

As soon as someone runs for President, however, they have to know that at the very least the media will be tracking their statements. Which means two things: Donald Trump doesn’t give a shit about telling the truth, and he knows that his supporters will always think he’s telling the truth, no matter how ridiculous his statements are.

That’s the only conclusion I can draw from Tuesday’s Washington Post article, in which the running tally of lies has now surpassed a thousand in these first seven months of Trump’s presidency.

Many of Trump’s prevarications can be chalked up to repeating debunked claims — the logic, of course, being that even if the president didn’t know a thing wasn’t true the first time he said it, if it’s completely debunked and he repeats it, he’s lying. And lying in and of itself speaks volumes to Donald Trump’s character. But the kinds of lies he tells almost say more about who he is than the simple fact that he tells them.

Take for example his many claims of accomplishments: The long and short of it is, he has none. When he touts the economy or jobs or the stock market, not only is he claiming responsibility for things that have nothing to do with his policies, but he’s flip-flopping on his prior opinions that those things were in a “bubble” under the last president. When he says he’s “bringing back jobs,” he often cites Wal-Mart, or Ford, or ExxonMobil, among others — all companies whose plans for expansion predate Trump’s inauguration.

Some of the lies are more nefarious in nature. It is well-documented that there is no evidence of voter fraud or widespread voting by undocumented immigrants, yet he continues to make the claim. It is indisputably untrue that Hillary Clinton was in any way responsible for a uranium extraction deal with Russia that gave the hostile country a significant stake in US rights. Why is it untrue? Because Hillary Clinton has never been president. Why Donald Trump or his supporters are stupid enough to think a Cabinet member can unilaterally negotiate with a foreign country over US interests is baffling. Does Trump think Rex Tillerson has the power to sell our oil drilling rights to Russia without his approval?

The article puts the current number of Trump’s lies at 1,057, notwithstanding any tweets from today, of course. In 214 days, 1,057 lies is an average of 4.94 lies per day. By this time next year, if his average holds, Trump will have lied to America nearly three thousand times.

But will his supporters care?

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images