Congressional Black Caucus Signals That They Absolutely Intend To Impeach Trump

The Congressional Black Caucus, like most Democrats and reasonable people everywhere, have never had very warm feelings toward Donald Trump – to put it mildly. After all, this is a section of the House of Representatives dedicated to protecting the interests and rights of Black Americans, and Trump is a lifelong open and avowed racist. However, they have, for the most part, seemed to stop short of calling for Trump’s removal – with the exception of Rep. Maxine Waters, who is, of course, in a league all her own.

This level of restraint being exercised by the majority of this powerful group of lawmakers has definitely changed as of late, though. Ever since Trump’s disgraceful response to the horrific events in Charlottesville at a rally of neo-Nazis that resulted in countless injuries and the death of a brave young woman, it seems that the Black Caucus is done playing. They want Trump out of office, posthaste. During a conference call held with the press on Monday, Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA) said of Trump:

“You can make an argument based on pure competency and fitness to serve, and that’s the conversation the caucus will have.”

“Am I concerned about high crimes and misdemeanors? Absolutely. Am I concerned about this president’s fitness to serve? Absolutely.”

Richmond also indicated that Charlottesville was the last straw when it came to giving Trump the benefit of the doubt when it comes to whether or not he really has the concerns of Black America at heart. Granted, all of this is a pipe dream for now. The GOP will criticize Trump until the cows come home, but they sure as hell won’t do anything about him. They won’t even formally censure him, much less move to remove him from office.

All of that could change, however, if the House is returned to Democratic control in 2018. Folks, if we want to save our republic, we’ll give the Congressional power to the Democrats next year while we still have a country to save.

Featured image via Law Officer

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