NAACP: Bannon May Be Gone But Trump Is Still A Raging Bigot

The NAACP issued a statement following the firing of Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s racist chief strategist, on Friday afternoon. The organization explained that while they are certainly glad to see Bannon go, it doesn’t change the fact that the sitting president is still a raging bigot.

“The NAACP is glad to see Steve Bannon out of the White House,” Derrick Johnson, the group’s interim president and CEO said in a statement.

“Ousting one key staffer, however, can’t erase the words used by President Trump this week in defense of domestic terrorists, neo-Nazis and white supremacists. President Trump provided permission for these hate groups to exist.”

Bannon left his job at the right-wing propoganda site, Breitbart News, to sign on as Trump’s campaign manager and then became the alleged president’s chief strategist following the election. As a well known racist and anti-Semite, Bannon was widely accepted as the bigoted mastermind behind much of Trump’s most racist rhetoric and policies.

In the statement, the NAACP also called on Trump to fire the rest of “the people who share Steve Bannon’s poisonous beliefs,” including senior policy adviser Stephen Miller and national security aide Sebastian Gorka.

Bannon’s firing came after racial tensions in the U.S. reached a fevered pitch following the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that left a counter-protester dead. Trump has repeatedly failed to convincingly denounce these hate groups. Instead, he has chosen to argue that “both sides” were responsible for the violence and accused counter-protesters of violently attacking the poor innocent Nazis, which has lead to widespread outrage.

The NAACP is absolutely right. Bannon was just one of many racists in Trump’s White House and his departure surely doesn’t fix the overall problem, which is that Trump himself holds these same bigoted beliefs.

Featured image via Zach Gibson – Pool/Getty Images