OkCupid Wins The Internet With PERFECT Response To The Charlottesville Neo-Nazi On Their Site (TWEETS)

While the President of the United States seems to be very, very confused about how racism, violence, and bigotry should be dealt with, many Americans are not. In response to the horrific white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, numerous politicians and companies have raised their voices and taken a stand against white supremacy in a way that Donald Trump has not. One of the best responses so far has come from online dating site OkCupid, who responded perfectly when it discovered that neo-Nazi Chris Cantwell was one of its members.

Cantwell recently got his 15 minutes of fame when he was seen in a viral video crying about being arrested by police after the Charlottesville attack. Once OkCupid was alerted that Cantwell was a member on the dating website, the company worked quickly to show that white supremacist values would not be tolerated. In response, “white supremacist Chris Cantwell” has been banned from OkCupid – for life!

This is the perfect response to a hateful imbecile who stated publicly in the viral video that neo-Nazis like himself were “not nonviolent” and “we’ll fucking kill these people if we have to.” OkCupid made an entirely appropriate move to not only protect its other members from dating a dangerously unstable psychopath like Cantwell, but to also show that these attitudes should not be tolerated in any degree.

To add an extra sting to the end of Cantwell’s dating life (especially after he looked so pathetic in that video), OkCupid followed up their banning announcement with this perfect tweet:

Bravo. We certainly hope this will encourage more companies to handle intolerant individuals in the same way. When we can’t count on our president to do what should be morally obvious, we must count on each other to uphold the true values of this country.

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