Chamber Of Commerce Exec Makes Trump Pay For Charlottesville, Urges Charities To Boycott Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump’s horrific defense of white supremacy after the Charlottesville, VA crisis is going to hurt him in ways he never thought it would. Not only has his already historically low approval rating taken yet another plunge (even amongst his own fan base), but people are lining up to attack Trump personally.

One of those people is Laurel Baker, the executive director of the Palm Beach Chamber Of Commerce, who has decided to hit Trump where it will hurt most – his wallet. Knowing damn well that Trump doesn’t actually have a heart or conscience, Baker knows that Trump would at least be sensitive to his business going down in flames. To get his point across, Baker is urging charities to boycott Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club and stop holding events there.

Baker stated that this move against Trump was motivated by Trump’s disgusting, disappointing response to the violence in Charlottesville. Baker told The Palm Beach Post,

“If you have a conscience, you’re really condoning bad behavior by continuing to be there. Many say it’s the dollars (raised at the events) that count. Yes. But the integrity of any or organization rests on their sound decisions and stewardship. Personally, I do not feel that supporting him, directly or indirectly, speaks well of any organization.”

People are listening. Already, Trump’s beloved club has suffered the cancellation of events that were scheduled by both the American Cancer Society and the Cleveland Clinic. The American Cancer Society stated:

“Our values and commitment to diversity are critical as we work to address the impact of cancer in every community. It has become increasingly clear that the challenge to those values is outweighing other business considerations.”

Trump’s horrific hatred and bigotry is not only ruining his presidency, it is ruining his entire brand. At the end of Trump’s disastrous presidency, he might not actually have a business to run anymore if he keeps going this route. Americans have long complained about Trump’s presidency being intertwined in his conflicts of interests, but there might be a way we can make it work in our favor. Boycotting Trump’s business is one of the greatest ways Americans can protest against Trump, as it’s one of the only things Trump actually cares about.

Featured image via Ian MacNicol  / Getty Images