Al Gore Has The PERFECT Piece Of Advice For Donald Trump

Al Gore had hopes for Donald Trump at one time. He even met with him at Trump Tower, hoping he could influence the newly elected Trump to stay in the Paris Climate Accord. It failed, and Gore regrets the whole thing.

“I went to Trump Tower after the election,” said Gore, who was on Colbert’s show to promote his new movie, “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.” “I thought that there was a chance he would come to his senses. But I was wrong.”

Source: Huffington Post

Not only has Gore lost all hope for Trump on his most passionate issue, climate change, he’s lost all hope for Trump altogether, and as a former Vice President, he has one piece of advice for the dumpster fire of a presidency, end it. “Resign.”

The interviewer asked if there was “one piece of advice” for Trump, what would it be? He responded: “Resign.”

Source: Washington Examiner

This piece of advice came before last weekend’s violent fascist march in Charlottesville, VA and before Trump insisted on siding with the Nazis, the KKK and other assorted heavily armed white supremacists. It was before Gore’s latest movie, the sequel to his original climate change documentary (“An Inconvenient Truth”), called “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” which was released earlier in the month.

A number of people and media outlets have been calling for Trump to resign.

The Los Angeles Times said:

If Trump won’t resign, Congress should find a reason — any good reason — to impeach and remove him

Rolling Stone says, “Republicans Must Tell Trump to Go – Now.” Sadly, they aren’t. While many have disavowed Trump’s reaction to the Charlottesville violence and his support of the fascist fringe groups that make up a good portion of Trump’s base, they are part of the Republican base as well, and Republicans need every vote they can get.

Trump’s biographer, Tony Schwartz, who was the real author of Trump’s “The Art of the Deal,” has hope. He tweeted that trump will resign before the end of the year.

Let’s hope he’s right.

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