Watch This Nazi Cry Like A Little B*tch After Realizing He Might Be Arrested (VIDEO)

Christopher Cantwell, one of the Nazis featured in Vice’s special about the Charlottesville Nazi riot that left a woman dead, is really really sad yo.

Cantwell says he got into the “race stuff” because of Trayvon Martin, who he describes as a “black asshole who acted like a savage” and got himself in trouble. Martin, of course, committed no crime and was walking home from the store when he was stalked and murdered by right-wing activist George Zimmerman.

He also describes the actions of his fellow Nazi who murdered a woman with a car as “more than justified” because she was an “animal.”

“I’m trying to make myself more capable of violence,” Cantwell explained during the interview – adding that this, not self-defense, is the reason he typically carries a pistol.

After the rally, Cantwell learned he might be arrested and really turned into a little sniveling b*tch-boy.

“I called the Charlottesville Police Department,” Cantwell says through a veil of little Nazi b*tch tears in a YouTube video, “and I said, ‘I have been told that there’s a warrant out for my arrest.’ They said that they wouldn’t confirm it but that I could find this out if I wanted to go a local magistrate or something.”

“Our enemies just will not stop,” he cries. “We’ve been f*cking assaulted, they’re threatening us all over the place. Chelsea Manning this tranny fanatic has a picture of himself/herself curb-stomping Nazis with a picture of this boot coming down on somebody.”

We can’t find where Manning posted this picture, but it sounds pretty awesome.

He admits that he was “engaged in violence” at the Nazi rally, but blames it on the fact that he couldn’t take his gun with him.

No, seriously, that’s what he says:

I’ve been engaged in violence, I have. There’s no question about it and I’ve done nothing to hide that…and by the way, if the University of Virginia was not a gun-free zone and I had my pistol I would have stayed far away from that goddamn melee. When I do not have a weapon on me, I feel it necessary to stop threats before they get out of hand.

“Everybody and their f*cking mother wants to ruin my life,” he cries.

Watch it below and try not to p*ss yourself laughing:

You can view the Vice documentary here:

Featured image via screengrab

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