Former US Labor Secretary Has Dire Warning: Trump Is Trying To Start A Civil War

To one former labor secretary, what Donald Trump is trying to do is clear as day: He’s trying to start a civil war.

Robert Reich, who served as labor secretary under President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1997, says Trump’s goal all along has been to spark another civil war here in the United States. In an op-ed on his website, Reich explained his stance further.

Trump’s goal has never been to promote guns or white supremacy or to fuel attacks on the press and the left. These may be means, but the goal has been to build and fortify his power. And keep him in power even if it’s found that he colluded with Russia to get power.

Trump and his consigliere Steve Bannon have been quietly encouraging a civil war between Trump’s base of support – mostly white and worried – and everyone who’s not.

It’s built on economic stresses and racial resentments. It’s fueled by paranoia. And it’s conveyed by Trump’s winks and nods haters, and his deafening silence in the face of their violence.

Reich then explained that there is another civil war currently raging within the White House “where Bannon and his protégés are doing battle with leveler heads.”

“Let’s hope the leveler heads win the civil war in the White House. Let’s pray the leveler heads in our society prevent the civil war Trump and Bannon want to instigate in America,” he concludes.

Reich’s article condemned Trump for failing to denounce the white supremacist ideologies that were responsible for the death of Heather Heyer, who was killed in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend when a Nazi plowed his car through a group of counter protesters. Since then, Trump has claimed that “many sides” are to blame, but as Reich explains, this is all just part of his plot to kick off another civil war. The thought is absolutely terrifying.

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