Trump Is FUMING Over Bad Charlottesville Press, Becomes A Terror In The White House (TWEET)

Once again, Donald Trump is having a completely disappointing, inappropriate reaction to the racially motivated violence that happened in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend.

Apparently, instead of being outraged about the murder of one counter protester and the injuries of several others, Trump is all bent out of shape because he has gotten a lot of negative press coverage for his weak, pathetic response to the incident. According to White House officials, Trump is coming apart at the seams over this, as Robert Costa reported:

“Person close to Kelly framed it to me this way: POTUS fuming at press, coverage of C’ville handling. In no mood for talk about moderation.”

Seriously, what did Trump expect to happen after he ignored America’s pleas to denounce the violence for two whole days, before issuing a scripted, half-ass statement on Monday? Not even the white supremacists Trump targeted in his response believed that he was actually denouncing racism.

If Trump wanted positive press coverage, he should have actually done his job and condemned the white supremacist values and bigotry from the start. Speaking up against racism and the violence that broke out of that white nationalist rally was possibly the easiest task a President could ask for, and Trump failed miserably at executing that. Instead, Trump protected and defended the racist attackers, making his approval rating only plummet further and giving the media even more things to criticize.

Trump can blame the media all he wants, but it is his own lack of competency that is responsible for his failure as president. He never does the right thing, even when it is blatantly obvious what actions he should be taking. What happened in Charlottesville was an opportunity for Trump to emerge as a different president than most Americans expect him to be, and he completely blew it. There is something very wrong when a leader cares more about his press coverage than the lives of his constituents.

Featured image via Branden Camp  / Getty Images