Fox News Asks This Man For Pictures Of New York Solidarity March – His Response Is PRICELESS

Today, there were hundreds of marches showing solidarity with Charlottesville, Virginia, where anti-racist protesters were mowed down by a white nationalist. As is usual for these marches, people take pictures and post them to social media, and some inevitably find themselves being asked for permission to use the photos in news stories. One man, Keegan Stephan, tweeted a series of great pictures from New York City, and Fox News promptly contacted him for permission to use them across all their networks.

This initially happened via direct message, but Stephan was kind enough to post the brief exchange to Twitter. Stephan is an organizer and a student representative for the American Bar Association’s civil rights division, and his reply to Fox News’ request is simply perfect:

There are no other words for that than “perfect.” This is someone who truly knows what he stands for, and will not be complicit in the part Fox plays in emboldening these hate groups. Fox News gives air time to people like Judge Jeanine Pirro, Sean Hannity, and Tucker Carlson, who all push Trump’s racist and nationalist ideals and who seem to think that conservative whites just have it so hard here now. To allow them to use photos you took while marching against all of these things makes you complicit.

It’s worse when you consider the fact that Fox News supports a man who fancies himself the greatest person ever to live, but who can’t say the word “terrorism” if the terrorists are white. Al Jazeera English actually counted how much he talks about terrorism when the terrorists are not white:

So Stephan will not participate, and Fox News can get its photos from elsewhere. You, however, can see his awesome photos from New York City’s Union Square march here.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images and Twitter

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