Charlottesville Vice-Mayor Responds To Trump’s Silence On White Supremacy, This Is BRUTAL (VIDEO)

As more time passes after the violent riots related to the white nationalist rally that took place yesterday in Charlottesville, Virginia, Americans become more and more disappointed by Donald Trump and his failure to denounce white supremacy.

One very noteworthy criticism of the racist Commander in Chief comes from none other than the Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville, who blasted Trump in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer today. Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy stated that his community has come together in solidarity to fight against the white supremacists and neo-Nazis who were responsible for riots that resulted in the death of a counter-protester. And while Trump has continued to pretend he has no connection or responsibility for the riots, Bellamy directly called him out and held him accountable.

In the interview, Bellamy stated that if white supremacists “under the guidance of their president, number 45” returned to Charlottesville, the community wouldn’t hesitate to drive them back out. He said:

“They can continue to come, but our community will not break. The people here of Charlottesville, white people, black people, yellow people, old people, young people, we’re a community that rallies around together. This is a community that I saw pick me up on my darkest and deepest moments to encourage me — and they’ve done the same for other people. We’re a resilient group.”

Bellamy then spoke directly to Trump, pointing out that he has the responsibility to condemn white supremacists, which he still has not yet done. Bellamy said:

“So 45, we’re looking for your leadership. Condemn that white supremacist attacks. Condemn these domestic terrorists. Tell them to leave. You’re their leader. Stand up.”

It was the perfect message to send Trump, and he will look even worse if he ignores Bellamy and fails to respond. Hopefully, Trump will start acting like a leader and speak out against these attacks.

You can watch Bellamy shred Trump below:

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