Marco Rubio Calls Out Trump For His Refusal To Acknowledge The Heinous White Supremacist Violence

Donald Trump ran an openly white supremacist campaign during his travesty of a run for the presidency. Now that he is in the White House, this has continued. He has literal white supremacists working in the White House in the form of Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon, Senior Adviser Sebastian Gorka, and speechwriter and immigration policy maker Stephen Miller.

With Trump’s election, white supremacists across the nation have been emboldened. Prior to his inauguration, white supremacist Trump supporters held a gathering celebrating Trump’s victory in the Reagan Building in Washington, in which people could be seen giving Nazi salutes, and in which the leader of the gathering, Richard Spencer, shouted “HEIL TRUMP!” Trump denounced these happenings in tepid terms, and only under intense public pressure. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that he has not acknowledged that the reason that 35 people have been injured and one person is dead in Charlottesville, Virginia due to violence at a white nationalist rally is, well, the work and fault of hateful white supremacists. However, there is condemnation coming from a rather surprising source: GOP Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL).

During the GOP primary, Rubio was sharply critical of Trump. He called Trump a “con artist,” and “erratic.” Nonetheless, once Trump clinched the nomination, Rubio dropped the criticism and lined up dutifully behind the man he knew was an unfit bigot and helped get him elected. Now, however, it seems Trump has gone too far in his refusal to acknowledge the rise in white supremacy in the Trump era. Rubio tweeted:

Rubio also roundly denounced the white supremacists themselves:

I never thought I’d agree with Marco Rubio on anything in a million years, but I do. Donald Trump has mainstreamed bigotry the likes of which America has not seen in public in this violent of a manner since the Civil Rights Movement, and he is refusing to own it. Then again, narcissists never own their own wrongdoing, so no surprise there.

If the GOP wants to tamp down on this nonsense, they need to call out Trump, and kick the racists out of their party. That starts with the band of white supremacists currently squatting in the White House. In fact, it starts with the man-baby bigot “president” himself. Kick them out. PROVE to us you aren’t flaming racists, GOP. Until you expel Trump and his disgustingly bigoted ideology, you will forever be known as t he party of white supremacists, and rightly so.

Featured image via Chet Strange/Getty Images

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