Trump Tries To Blame Obama For North Korea Mess, It Immediately Backfires (TWEETS)

In his current position of having a historically low approval rating and a running track record of multiple colossal failures, one would think that Donald Trump is in NO position to be criticizing others and judging his more successful predecessors on how they handled business before him. However, this didn’t stop him from trying to throw former president Barack Obama under the bus last night as he tried to distract America from focusing on his Russia scandal and the shortcomings of his administration.

On Wednesday night, Trump retweeted two tweets that blamed Obama for the current North Korean crisis, which Trump has recently f*cked up beyond belief by threatening the regime with nuclear attacks. Those tweets were from John Bolton and Fox News’ ‘The Five’, which of course were anti-Obama and patting Trump on the back for being an “unpredictable” basket case on the North Korea situation. Here are the tweets:

Trump seriously cannot stand how loved Obama is by Americans, and tries to tear him down every chance he gets. Obama has a track record and popularity that Trump will never achieve, and he can’t stand it. He only knows how to cope by blaming Obama for his own failures.

The reason we’re currently in crisis is because of Trump and his erratic threats to North Korea. Obama was a measured, thoughtful leader who never would have acted so recklessly. Trump, on the other hand, nixed the idea of negotiations and went straight to threatening nuclear war. Where Obama was an adult who understood complexities, Trump is a child who acts with his emotions and insecurities.

If you’re disgusted by Trump trashing Obama, you’re not alone. Once Trump retweeted those posts, America responded with outrage and made Trump regret it:

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