Donald Trump Doubles Down On Korea Threat; Says He Wasn’t Tough Enough

If you’ve been hiding under your bed since Donald Trump threatened North Korea with “fire and fury unlike the world has ever seen,” grab something hard (a drink, a prescription, a rock) and go into your basement for this one. Trump says his words weren’t strong enough.

“Maybe it wasn’t tough enough,” the president told reporters on Thursday at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J. “It’s about time someone stuck up for the people of our country.”

Source: Politico

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, the other petulant man-child in this pissing match, hasn’t yet responded, but he has twice, as a response to Trump’s “fire and fury” threat, threatened to nuke Guam.

The intelligence community believes that North Korea has developed a miniaturized nuclear warhead that is small enough to fit into a long-range missile, leading to speculation that if Kim John Un wanted to attack the United States, he could.

Even Trump’s own White House is conflicted on how to handle it, though. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has tried to mitigate Trump’s irresponsible and irrational threat.

“Nothing that I have seen and nothing that I know of would indicate that the situation has dramatically changed in the last 24 hours,” he said, adding that “Americans should sleep well at night.”

But he also defended Trump’s comments.”I think what the President was doing was sending a strong message to North Korea in language that Kim Jong Un would understand, because he doesn’t seem to understand diplomatic language,” Tillerson said.
Source: CNN

Trump advisor Sebastion Gorka quickly refuted Tillerson, saying:

“You should listen to the president; the idea that Secretary Tillerson is going to discuss military matters is simply nonsensical,” Gorka said in a recording shared with The Washington Post. “It is the job of Secretary Mattis, the secretary of defense, to talk about the military options, and he has done so unequivocally. He said, ‘Woe betide anyone who militarily challenges the United States,’ and that is his portfolio. That is his mandate. Secretary Tillerson is the chief diplomat of the United States, and it is his portfolio to handle those issues.”

Mattis is hoping for diplomacy, but he’s ready to go to war at any moment.

Even if Trump is blowing smoke up Kim Jong Un’s posterior, this is a dangerous line of talk, especially when dealing with a mentally unstable narcissist with daddy issues. Then we have to worry about North Korea.

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