Walmart Forced To Apologize After Store Tells Kids To ‘Own The School’ With Guns

Walmart’s back to school advertising took a pretty horrible turn at a location in Evansville, Indiana.

The big box chain has never been apologetic about its incessant need to make guns readily available to customers, but many felt the store went too far with a “Back to School” display encouraging kids to “Own the school year like a hero.”

Let’s see if you can spot what has people “up in arms” so to speak:

That’s right. It’s the color of the backdrop. The lighter blue clashes with everything in the photo, especially the gigantic display case of guns.

For any thinking person viewing the display, it serves as a reminder of the school shootings that regularly plague our nation thanks to the NRA and Republicans’ resistance to any form of sensible gun control.

To Republicans, guns should just be in school anyway.

Walmart still refuses to say a word about the easy availability of guns. but their social media person hopped on to do some damage control about the sign.

“This sign had no business there and was taken down as soon as we were alerted,” a spokesperson calling himself “Dean” tweeted in response to the photo. “We are very sorry.”

While it’s good that Walmart apologized, it’s important to remember that you can still walk into most of their stores to pick up eggs, milk, and anything from a shotgun to an assault rifle.

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Featured image via screengrab