Trump Brags About How Powerful America’s Nuclear Arsenal Is In Scary Twitter Post

Donald Trump continued escalating his rhetoric on nuclear weapons Wednesday morning in a boast that should concern every American.

The reality of a potential nuclear holocaust hasn’t been this worrisome since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Except the threat isn’t coming from the Russians this time, but our own president.

On Tuesday, Trump threatens to rain “fire and fury” upon North Korea, which resulted in Kim Jong-Un threatening to bomb Guam.

Trump’s irresponsible threats made the country gasp in horror. After all, Trump has been obsessed with nuclear weapons since the 2016 campaign and is mentally unstable enough that he may actually use them to retaliate against even the smallest personal slight against him.

Hillary Clinton was right when she warned that, “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.”

On Wednesday morning, Trump bragged about America’s nuclear arsenal on his Twitter feed and promised that America would remain the most powerful nation on Earth because of it. He even had the audacity to claim that he is responsible for the renovation of the arsenal.

For the record, it was President Obama who ordered a sweeping renovation of America’s nuclear arsenal in 2014. So once again, Trump gets caught taking credit for something President Obama did.

In addition, Donald Trump must not be aware that Russia has more nuclear weapons than the United States.

And, finally, America’s nuclear arsenal does not make us the most powerful nation in the world. It now makes us the number one threat against it because of Trump.

Forcing Trump out of office has never been more important than it is right now. Because failure to do so could result in trying to survive a nuclear apocalypse caused by a petulant child.

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