Totally-Not-Running-For-President Pence Signals Yet Again He’s Running For President

Speculation about Vice-President Mike Pence’s political aspirations to position himself in Trump’s Oval Office chair will likely get another jolt after it was reported that he tapped campaign operative, Nick Ayers, to be his chief of staff.

Ayers spent months quietly bending Pence’s ear to warn him that Donald Trump’s troubles could cause collateral damage and that he needed to take a more aggressive position on a range of issues in order to ensure that he enters the post-Trump era on solid ground, according to two White House officials, Politico reports.

There’s been a lot of speculation that Pence will run in 2020 if Trump cannot, considering that his boss is plagued with scandals while only on the job for 7 months. Even political satirist Andy Horowitz wrote a piece titled, ‘Mike Pence considering running for president in 1820.’

But, President Pence emphatically denied the possibility of a 2020 run.

In a statement released by the White House, Pence said Sunday’s story in The New York Times “is disgraceful and offensive to me, my family, and our entire team.” He added that “the allegations in this article are categorically false.”

However, just before Anthony Scarmucci was kicked of Trump Island as the White House communications director, he suggested to New Yorker writer Ryan Lizza that the Vice-President can’t believe what’s going on with his boss.

“Why do you think Nick’s there, bro?” Scaramucci told Lizza in an interview last month, shortly before being fired. “Are you stupid? Why is Nick there? Nick’s there to protect the Vice-President because the Vice-President can’t believe what the f*ck is going on.”

On top of that, Pence is headed to Latin America after requesting to secure 700 visas for his team.

A diplomatic source called the number of visas “curious” because it dwarfed even the advance teams for President Barack Obama’s trip to Brazil, Chile and El Salvador combined in 2011.

But yeah, he’s totally not preparing to sit in the Oval Office. Nope. Not at all. How long will it take before Trump lashes out at his Vice-President? We’re pretty sure he cannot fire Pence. Another question: How much does/did Pence know about the Russia scandal as it happened? He might be a bigoted jerkface but he’s not stupid.

Whatever you do, do NOT tweet Donald Trump to ask about President Pence. That would be wrong and we never do wrong things here.

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images.

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