This Fantastic Obama Speech Shows Us How A REAL President Would Be Acting Right Now (VIDEO)

We just took a massive step closer to nuclear war with North Korea, and while Secretary of State Rex Tillerson keeps trying to reassure our allies that we’re trying to bring North Korea to the negotiating table rather than just annihilate the entire planet, Trump is still posturing like a male peacock fanning his tail feathers. We don’t need a peacock. We need a diplomat. Here’s why:

So the Georgia Democratic Party decided to remind us of exactly what a real president would be doing right now. President Obama, who believed in the diplomacy that Trump’s immature machismo says is simply weakness (because why try diplomacy when you can fan your peacock feathers and strut?), always spoke eloquently on U.S. foreign policy and on war, and emphasized the necessity of working with the rest of the world to neutralize threats:

“Our greatest generation fought and bled and died to build an international order of laws and institutions that could preserve the peace and extend prosperity and promote cooperation among nations. And for all of its imperfections, we depend on that international order to protect our own freedom.

In other words, we are a nation that, at our best, has been defined by hope, and not fear.”

Watch below:

Trump is trying to define us by fear because to him, fear is the same thing as respect. He’s dangerous to us because of that. Obama was what a real president looked like when discussing war.

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