Melania Gives Up On Cyberbullying After Trump’s North Korea Threats, Turns To Drug Addiction

As her husband Donald Trump makes Twitter threats of nuclear war to North Korea, First Lady Melania Trump has decided to abandon her crusade to tackle cyber bullying and instead move on to drug addiction.

Melania made a rare appearance on Twitter yesterday to promote her new cause because her cyber bullying campaign isn’t going very well, particularly because her husband ruins its credibility on a daily basis. Melania tweeted:

“Opioids are destroying our youth/people. Mtg w @Potus & @SecPriceMD today to give my support to #STOPDRUGADDICTION.”

When Melania first announced her passion for ending cyber bullying, it raised eyebrows around the world, especially considering the fact that her husband is infamous for attacking people on social media. However, Melania hasn’t actually talked about her cyber bullying plan of action since January and seems to have pivoted onto to drug addiction. A spokesperson for Melania Trump told The New York Daily News that Melania’s concerns for children were the reason for her new interest in drug addiction. The spokesperson said:

“Opioid abuse is an escalating health crisis affecting countless families across the country. The well-being of children is a priority for the first lady, and this epidemic affects them in many different ways so she requested to attend today’s briefing.”

For someone who cares so much about children, it would be great if Melania would show some concern about the innocent children who would be killed if Trump gets us into a nuclear war with North Korea. Trump has now been threatening and bullying North Korea for two days now on Twitter, and the situation only continues to get uglier with time.

Together, Trump and Melania are the most incompetent, ineffective and dangerous couple the White House has ever housed. If former POTUS Barack Obama would have been behaving as recklessly as Trump is right now, you can bet that Michelle Obama would have pulled the plug on this right from the start.

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