BREAKING: North Korea Responds To Trump Threats, Crossing Trump’s Red Line

North Korea, a true and present threat to the world, has responded to Trump’s posturing and it’s not good. Earlier today, Trump threatened to rain “fire and fury” down upon North Korea, who has threatened Guam, which is a direct threat against us. Now, North Korea is escalating. Here’s how, per the Associated Press:

Trump’s latest threats followed news that North Korea has figured out that they actually can put nuclear warheads on their missiles. That includes long-range missiles that might be able to hit our West Coast. That they’re now vowing to carry through with plans to attack one of our territories shows the folly of Trump’s so-called leadership in the area of foreign policy.

North Korea sees Guam as a type of beachhead from which we can launch an attack on them. They’ve already been working on long-range ballistic missiles, and they’ve been testing nuclear weapons for a long time. It’s like Trump is taunting North Korea the way a schoolyard bully would.

He needs to take this more seriously than he is, and let the grown-ups do the work here. He’s going to get the entire world killed.

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Featured image via Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

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