BREAKING: FBI Carried Out Warrant On Republican Congressman (DETAILS)

The LA Times is reporting that the Federal Bureau of Investigation carried out a search warrant on the campaign office of Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) in relation to misappropriated funds during the campaign. Specifically, they searched the campaign treasurer’s office for documents and electronic records related to campaign spending.

This is far from the first time Duncan Hunter has made his way into the news cycle for misusing campaign funds, so it should come as no surprise that the investigation has gone this far. As the LA Times reports:

It was the more than $1,300 in video game purchases by Hunter’s campaign that first drew the attention of federal election officials and the San Diego Union-Tribune. Hunter blamed his son for the video game purchases, saying he had used the wrong credit card. Other unusual spending by Hunter’s campaign included a now-infamous airplane ride for the family rabbit and payments to nail salons, his children’s private school and a Phoenix resort.

Hunter has already reimbursed his campaign some $62,000 for payments of items such as oral surgery, a family trip to Italy and Disneyland gift shop purchases. And his most recent campaign finance reports show he has spent $336,664 with seven law firms this year, much of that since the House Ethics Committee announced it was stalling its investigation to avoid interfering with the FBI’s work.

Hunter defended his actions by saying, “I was not involved in any criminal action,” Hunter said. “Maybe I wasn’t attentive enough to my campaign. That’s not a crime.”

He’s far from the only Republican to blatantly flout campaign finance and anti-corruption laws, though. Trump, for example, is under investigation by several watchdogs for spending heavily at his own businesses, often paying rates above market value or raising prices to make more money from his campaign donors. Former Rep. Michael Grimm was recently convicted and sentenced to eight months. The list goes on and on.

If this year has proven anything, it’s that Republicans have no respect for the rule of law, and are simply desperate for guidance from an authoritarian ruler no matter how dirty he or his political party may be.

Hey Republicans — this is America. If you want to live in a corrupt dictatorship so badly, why don’t you move to North Korea?

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