Allies Abroad: Trump Is A ‘Laughingstock,’ Childishly ‘Obsessed With Obama’

Most of us in the U.S. are well aware of Donald Trump’s extreme obsession with former President Barack Obama, but now we know that foreign diplomats are privy to that, too. Top-ranking European officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told BuzzFeed News what they think of Trump and what their chief concerns were. Trump’s erratic and unpredictable Twitter use was brought up as well. Also discussed was Trump’s lack of a strong, experienced team around him.

In total, six top European government officials who’ve had firsthand dealings on the international stage with Trump and his administration were interviewed by BuzzFeed and their views are consistent.

At international gatherings, Trump is described as “something of a laughing stock.”

“Trump could send a tweet in the middle of the night pissing off Kim Jong Un. And the next morning we wake up to a world on the brink of war,” one diplomat said.

That observation was made before Trump tried to start a nuclear war on Twitter so we can only imagine how he or she feels now.

One of the officials went as far as to say that a small group of diplomats play a version of word bingo whenever Trump speaks because they consider his vocabulary to be so limited. “Everything is ‘great’, ‘very, very great’, ‘amazing’,” the diplomat said of Trump’s vocabulary.

But there’s also a fear among our allies that Trump is dangerous.

“He has no historical view. He is only dealing with these issues now, and seems to think the world started when he took office,” a diplomat told BuzzFeed News. “He thinks that NATO existed only to keep the communists out of Europe. He has a similar attitude in Asia-Pacific with Japan, ignoring that the US basically wrote their constitution.”

The diplomats said they also believe that Trump’s foreign policy is chiefly driven by an obsession with unraveling former President Barack Obama’s policies, and we’ve pretty much seen that, too, here in the U.S.

“It’s his only real position,” one official said. “He will ask: ‘Did Obama approve this?’ And if the answer is affirmative, he will say: ‘We don’t.’ He won’t even want to listen to the arguments or have a debate. He is obsessed with Obama.”

Another diplomat said that it’s impossible to discuss serious international issues, such as Libya, with Trump. They have growing concerns because they’re still struggling to find someone in his administration to engage with because meeting with Trump has proved to be “basically useless.”

“He’s not the kind of person you can have a discussion about how to deal with [Fayez] al-Sarraj [the prime minister of Libya],” the official added. “So you look for people around him, and that is where it’s a problem: The constant upheaval, it’s unclear who has influence, who is close to the president.”

We feel their pain. We witnessed Trump’s obsession and profound jealousy of Obama when he tried to claim that our country’s first black President is really a sneaky Muslim from Kenya. The former reality show star tried to delegitimize Obama but he failed to do so because facts got in his way. That’s still the main problem with Trump. He’s adverse to facts. But, he did sell himself on the campaign trail to people who thought they could stick it to liberals by siding with the former reality show star, a man with zero political experience. And here we are, just after 7 months after Trump was sworn in and we could break out in a nuclear war at any minute. Conservatives sure showed us with their MAGA and Pepe memes, didn’t they?

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