Activists Brilliantly Troll Chickenhawk Trump Behind The White House (IMAGES)

Astute CBS reporter Rebecca Shabad couldn’t possibly have been the first person to notice the giant inflatable chicken currently on display behind the White House, but she was the first person to tweet about it:

I don’t know if Ms. Shabad remembers that chicken, but it looks like it’s been resurrected (reinflated?) from the props used by the Tax Day marchers back in April. Danelle Morton, writing for Slate, described the inception of the Trump Chickens, which she found for sale in China a month earlier:

A bit restless, I began Googling around for a symbol grotesque enough for our cause, something bloated that would block out the sky like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon. I punched in “TRUMP BALLOON” into the search bar and discovered the Trump chicken: a huge inflatable rooster that bore an uncanny resemblance to Donald Trump.

For China’s Lunar New Year celebration, which kicked off the Year of the Rooster, inflatable versions of the Trump rooster could be found all over China. The Chinese, of course, aren’t very happy with Trump, who taunted China on the campaign trail and flirted with Taiwan during the transition. The inflatable “Trump Rooster Cock”—as a listing on Alibaba, China’s equivalent of Amazon, calls it—mocked his bluster with its swooping butterscotch pompadour and tiny hands shaped to mimic the way the president pinches his fingers … Some of the inflatables were gigantic, as tall as 60 feet.

I couldn’t believe what I’d found. In China this may be the “Trump Rooster Cock,” but in America it would be the Trump chicken.

It was glorious:

Yin Ming/Imagine China

Yin Ming/Imagine China

Welcome back, Trump Rooster Cock. You’re just in time to watch a little chickenhawk try to weasel his way out of the threats he’s making.

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Featured image via Eric Thayer/Getty Images