Trump’s Brilliant Solution To Opioid Crisis: Just Tell Youth ‘No Good, Really Bad For You’ (VIDEO)

The current occupant of the White House has been quiet about his campaign promise to combat the opioid crisis which has swept across the United States. Then he held an ego-rally in West Virginia, one of the states hit hardest by the opioid epidemic. “You have a big problem in West Virginia, and we are going to solve that problem,” Trump told his supporters Thursday night at the rally. He said this in Huntington, West Virginia, in which the city and its surrounding area is estimated by the mayor to have one in 10 residents addicted to opioids.

Finally, Trump stepped up to address this devastating issue while he’s on his 17-day vacation at his luxury golf club in Bedminster, N.J. Trump unleashed his wisdom on the masses as to how to prevent opioid addiction. He said, “Maybe by talking to youth and telling them ‘no good, really bad for you.'”


Well, jinkies, why didn’t anyone ever think of that before? This guy is such a brainiac. He should call this the ‘Just say no’ program and cure the world of drug addiction. Just like that. I mean, who needs Medicaid and access to treatment when you can just tell yourself it’s “no good” then BOOM! You’re cured! Even worse, the amateur president was reading from prepared notes and that was the best he could come up with.

The commission, headed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, which the former reality show star appointed to study the epidemic, recommended last week that Trump declare a national emergency, however, its report stressed medical solutions, not law enforcement.

“We must act boldly to stop it,” the commission wrote. “The opioid epidemic we are facing is unparalleled.”

So then Trump came up with his brilliant plan to tell addicts that drugs are “really bad for you.” He said that after threatening to start a nuclear war.

Then he basically called for a war on drugs (another genius idea that no one has ever come up with before).

“At the end of 2016, there were 23% fewer federal prosecutions than in 2011, so they looked at this surge and they let it go by,” Trump told reporters. “We’re not letting it go by.”

Trump just let down his base, particularly in rural, lower-income and working areas which have been devastated by the opioid crisis.

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