The Real, Damning Reason Trump Opened Fire On Blumenthal Via Twitter (DETAILS)

By now you’ve seen Donald Trump’s absolute Monday meltdown on Twitter, a ten-hour tweeting frenzy that beat every other tirade he’s ever had on the social media platform. Trump was cooped up indoors because he really wanted to golf, while still claiming it wasn’t a vacation, so he was forced to stay at his New Jersey golf club — and he was rained off the course.

But scrambled in with the rest of his nonsense were four tweets about Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut. Four out of thirteen total. That means at least a third of the Orange Babyman’s fury was directed at one guy. What could have gotten Trump mad enough for this?

And did you notice the time gap there? Eight and a half hours passed after the initial spate of Blumenthal tweets, and Trump was still fuming about him.

It turns out Trump has more to be upset with Blumenthal over than his supposed lies about Vietnam, and it wasn’t just his appearance earlier in the day on CNN’s New Day, where he discussed the ongoing investigation into Trump’s collusion with Russia.

According to a Jeffrey Toobin article in the New Yorker from June 20th, Senator Blumenthal is the Democrat most likely to succeed in having his case against Trump heard regarding violations of the “emoluments clause” of the Constitution. From the article:

Other lawsuits against Trump, on emoluments grounds, have been filed, including one by the governments of Maryland and the District of Columbia (none have yet been decided), but Blumenthal believes that his suit will be the one that survives a challenge on standing grounds. “The clause specifically says that the President needs the consent of Congress to receive this money from foreign countries, so he’s deprived us of the chance to give our consent,” Blumenthal said. “I think that’s enough for us to get into court.” Notably, if Judge Emmet Sullivan, of the federal district court in Washington, allows the case to proceed, the plaintiffs may be allowed to obtain Trump’s elusive tax returns as part of the discovery process.

So there’s that. Looks like Mr. PhonyPants McDraftDodger was doing a little projecting about Vietnam because he was afraid of the war Blumenthal is bringing down on him, right here at home.

Blumenthal had the last laugh:

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images

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