The Anne Frank Center Just Nailed Trump To The Wall For His Latest Hitler-Like Moves

Donald Trump is clearly enamored with fascism and bigotry. Since he came on the scene as an unlikely presidential contender by calling Mexicans rapists and promising to build a wall along our southern border, people all over the world have been comparing him to Hitler. This has only increased as he has rolled out one bigoted policy after another. During his campaign, he continuously retweeted white supremacists and then hired Steve Bannon as his number one advisor.

So, how do you know when the comparisons between Trump and Hitler are just hyperbole and when to take these concerns seriously? Well, when even the Anne Frank Center is pointing out the similarities between Trump’s moves and Nazi Germany, it’s time to listen up.

According to Newsweek, the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect is “a New York City–based non-profit that claims to have been founded by Anne’s father in 1959.” And on Tuesday, they posted a list of similarities between Trump and Hitler on Twitter. Included on the list are the following bullet points:

  • The President creates his own media.
  • He exploits youth at a rally.
  • He endorses police brutality.
  • He demonizes people who believe, look or love differently.
  • He strips vulnerable people of their families, jobs and ability to live.
  • He believes Congress should change its rules to give him more power.

This isn’t the first time the Anne Frank center has gone after Trump. In February, the organization blasted the alleged president for failing to adequately condemn the anti-Semitism that has been on the uptick in America since the billionaire bigot was elected.

When now fired White House press secretary Sean Spicer argued that Hitler didn’t gas the Jews and referred to concentration camps as “Holocaust centers,” the Anne Frank Center issued this blistering response:

Today’s tweet concludes by adding that the organization firmly believes “Never Again to any people, and now,” a sentiment that all of us must continue to fight each and every day if we hope to prevent history from repeating itself.

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