Pat Robertson Is Having A Total Meltdown And It’s All Thanks To Rachel Maddow

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has twisted Pat Robertson of the “700 Club” in a knot over her show’s ratings which are beating the snot out of Fox News. But just before that, Robertson waded into conspiracy theory territory (while denying that he’s a conspiracy theorist) in order to defend Fox News host Eric Bolling over recent allegations that he sent lewd photos to several female colleagues. Then he had a meltdown over Maddow’s show, which has almost tripled in ratings, from 849,000 nightly viewers in 2014 to more than 2.3 million in June.

The MSNBC host is now the most popular personality in prime-time cable news – a title that has been claimed by Fox News TV hosts since 2001. Well, that was too much for Robertson to handle so he launched into a rant about her ratings (as one does while hosting a religious show).

“MSNBC is now winning the demographic ratings against Fox, they’ve got the demos, which is the 18 to 49 young people, isn’t that amazing,” he said.

“MSNBC, really?” co-host Terry Meeuwsen said in disbelief.

“Rachel Maddow of all people is number one, but Fox is self-imposed wounds,” said Robertson, who then said that he “applauds Fox News” because “they’re doing a great job.”

“Those lawyers better get out of the picture and let the programmers run that network,” Robertson said.

Last month, Trump was interviewed by Roberston in which he spoke of repealing Obamacare, foreign policy and, of course, Hillary Clinton. Trump sucked up the airwaves with the right wing Christian leader to take the opportunity to lie without being called out on the show.  But, Pat Roberston is a conspiracy theorist and so is the former reality show star, so hopefully, they went out to eat afterward at Comet Ping Pong, the focus of a debunked right wing conspiracy theorist, to check out the basement together (there is no basement at the pizzeria).

Rachel Maddow has been all over the Trump-Russia scandal, increasing her viewership by a hefty percentage.

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