George Takei’s Latest Twitter Poem Roasts Trump’s Idiotic North Korea Statement To Perfection (TWEET)

George Takei has been on a social media role since the start of the Trump era, providing astute commentary with a brilliant wit that has made him beloved to millions. His latest Twitter poem — something he does fairly often — might be one of my favorite posts of his yet.

Here it is:

“The crisis has grown very dire
Trump threatens with fury and fire
So war’s begun
Against Kim Jong-un
We’d better make Donnie retire”

I’d say we’re all thinking something pretty similar! Or, at least, according to the latest polling, an overwhelming majority of us are (sorry Trump fans, but those are the facts).

Here are a few of his other latest Twitter poems:

Keep it up, George! You can bet it pisses Trump off every time he sees one, considering how thin his skin is.

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Featured image via Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for GLAAD