Trump Posts INSANE Tantrum About The Media While Supposedly ‘Working’ On Vacation

Last time I checked, throwing a temper tantrum isn’t considered “working.”

But that’s what Donald Trump did from his golf resort at Bedminster, New Jersey on Monday morning after the New York Times called him out for whining.

Trump, of course, responded by whining about the media and claimed that his base is stronger than ever despite several polls showing that his base is starting to abandon him.

Trump then desperately tried to make it sounds like he has accomplished things and called the Russia scandal “fake news.”.

Then Trump had the audacity to claim that he is “working hard” even though he is playing golf.

Trump is currently on a 17-day vacation, which is twice as long as President Obama’s first big vacation during his first year in office. While President Obama was capable of running the country and taking a break at the time, Trump has proven that running the country does not interest him near as much as playing golf does. And Trump already neglects most of his duties anyway and spends his mornings on Twitter instead of doing his job.

The bottom line is that Trump has not signed a single piece of major legislation and is taking credit for Obama’s economy. All the jobs numbers and stock market gains Trump has been bragging about are a continuation of Obama’s economic achievements.

And continuing to deny that his campaign colluded with Russia is seriously childish considering Trump’s own son released emails proving that Trump campaign members did, indeed, meet with Russians to get dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government.

It looks like even General John Kelly is incapable of keeping Trump from throwing a hissy fit on Twitter.

Featured image via Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

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