Trump Loves To Say The New York Times Is ‘Failing’ – So They Just Effortlessly Embarrassed Him With Simple Numbers

Print journalism and longstanding papers have been struggling since the advent of the internet and increased competition faced by blogs and op-ed sites. That, combined with poor understanding of marketing on new platforms, has combined to really cause a struggle in the journalism industry.

So, on a certain level, journalists can thank Trump. Despite unleashing a war on freedom of the press never before seen in our nation’s history, he’s been a boon to business, with massive public backlash against Trump and his fake news army resulting in a thirst for facts and information.

Take the New York Times, for example. In the first quarter of 2017, the NYT signed on more new subscribers than any other period in history. Stock is up 50 percent. Digital advertising revenue went up nearly 20 percent. So when Donald Trump says “when is the failing NYT going to go out of business,” as he did today, the answer is “not soon.” They’ve been around for 160 years and don’t look to be going anyplace anytime soon.

Here’s the specific tweet in question:

And here’s the reply by the New York Times, completely demolishing whatever little remnants of dignity Trump has left at this point:

They went on to establish the veracity, at length, of a particular article Trump took issue with. Unfortunately for the NYT, Trump won’t (or can’t) read anything over 140 characters, so it seems somewhat unlikely they will have broken through.

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Featured image via Zach Gibson – Pool/Getty Images