Three Days Before Trump Calls For More Police Brutality, Young Protester Is Violently Removed From Trump Rally

During his bizarre “rally” in Youngstown, Ohio, Donald Trump did what he does best: Campaign for a position he already holds. It’s become a distressingly common occurrence to see Trump holding giant gatherings that seem to serve no purpose other than to gather crowds of his supporters together in one place. He doesn’t generally issue any policy proclamations, but when he does, they are invariably of the sort specifically tooled to please his rabid supporters.

No matter what he says, though, it’s going to get ironic. Take Youngstown. At the opening of the rally, after his supporters finished chanting “CNN SUCKS!” over and over, Trump had a question for the crowd:

Is there any place that’s more fun, more exciting, and safer than a Trump rally?

I’m sure that was reassuring for the protesters in attendance. There are always a few, although I can scarcely fathom how they can stand to be in a room with all that bigotry and hatred. I have no idea how many anti-Trump protesters were in the crowd in Youngstown, but I know this kid was there:

That actually doesn’t look safe at all. That looks, in fact, like a goddamn nightmare for the young man, who was forcibly removed from the rally after standing silently with an old Soviet flag. Who knows if his protest even lodged with the president or the crowd — that’s not the flag of Russia, with whom Trump colluded to corrupt our democracy, it’s a communist flag. A different meaning entirely. Note how the crowd’s cheering goes up ten decibels as soon as security applied his giant hands to the teenager’s throat. Safe.

Three days later, Trump was in front of another crowd, this time police officers. I wonder if he had the incident with this kid in mind when he told the cops in attendance to not “be too nice” in dealing with suspects. It could be he was thinking of the red flag with the hammer and sickle that triggered him in Ohio, or maybe he was thinking about the former police chief there in Suffolk County where he was speaking — the chief that’s serving just under 4 years for beating a suspect almost to death.

The reckless tone the president takes when he speaks is more than carelessness or a lack of empathy. It’s dangerous. All of the world leaders that Trump looks up to — Putin, Duterte, Erdogan — are of the sort that have their detractors silenced, arrested, or even murdered. How long will it be until his supporters call for the same actions from their hero Trump?

This Twitter user laughed until he cried about the violent removal.

We know they already condone it.

Featured image via Justin Merriman/Getty Images

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