Republican Senator Predicts Trump’s Next Big Legislative Push Will Fail Just Like Trumpcare

Florida Senator Marco Rubio actually knows something the rest of us know for once: That there aren’t enough racists in America — or even the Congress — to pass Donald Trump’s new immigration bill. The bill would curb even legal immigration, setting a completely arbitrary limit on how many total people could come to America through traditional methods.

Last Wednesday, Trump trotted out that annoying kid from the Comey hearing, Tom Cotton, and human stegosaurus David Perdue to unveil the RAISE Act, a singularly horrible piece of legislation that would among other things require proficiency in English, advanced degrees, and/or high-paying job offers in order to legally immigrate to this country. Team Trump called it “merit-based” immigration, but as an online quiz posted almost immediately by Time highlighted, even most Americans wouldn’t have enough “merit” to apply for a visa.

The real question is, if people without degrees, skills, or “merit,” as Trump said, are the ones coming to America, how are they stealing all of our jobs?

Now Marco Rubio is on the record setting Trump and his lackeys (from two of the states that would suffer the most by curtailing immigration) straight on this bill’s chances:

That bill’s not going to pass. … I think the White House knows that you don’t have 60 votes for that in the Senate.

Rubio, a Cuban-American from Miami, has some pretty understandable differences with Trump and other Republicans when it comes to immigration. After all, the unspoken fact is that every immigration bill is primarily aimed at Spanish-speaking would-be immigrants.

But lest you think Marco is some kind of hero for breaking with the president on this, you have to remember — he is still a Republican:

Where I probably have a big difference of opinion with this bill is that it sets an arbitrary cap on the number of people that are able to come through with a green card. I don’t think that should be an arbitrary cap, that number should be driven by demand.

I see. So we just let in as many as we want here. And what about the idiotic idea of advancing a 19th-century meritocracy?

In 2013 the very controversial Gang of Eight, four Democrats and four Republicans, proposed moving legal immigration to a merit-based system.

But… Wasn’t Marco one of the four Republicans he’s talking about? So Marco Rubio still wants horrible, backwards immigration policy. Just not quite as horrible and backwards as Donald Trump’s.

It’s good to know you have standards, Senator.

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