Rain, Rain Go Away: Toddler Trump Throws Record-Breaking Tantrum Because He Can’t Golf

Donald Trump is vacationing in New Jersey right now, but he’s rained in. Naturally, he’s throwing a titanic fit over it.

Rather than use the bad weather as an opportunity to get some executive branch work done, Trump would rather sit on his ass and watch television while rage-tweeting.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that his 17-day golfing vacation is not a real vacation because he says he’ll be “working hard.”

Well, golfing nor tweeting fit the definition of “hard work.”

And since Trump’s tee time got rained out on Monday, he decided to spend the day watching cable news and throwing hissy fits on Twitter despite White House chief of staff General John Kelly’s effort to reduce Trump’s social media use.

In all, Trump has posted 13 tweets, most of which attacked the media and the military service of a sitting U.S. Senator. The rest were boasts about himself, taking credit for economic successes achieved by President Obama, and one hypocritical mention of Purple Heart Day.

Here is the entire Twitter tantrum.

Trump cannot possibly be working if he has enough time to post this many whiny tweets. His tweets also prove that he must be sitting in front of a television since his attack on Blumenthal came after Blumenthal talked about the Russia investigation on CNN.

It’s clear that Trump is doing anything except his job right now. He would be golfing if not for the rain and that’s just as bad since he constantly whined about President Obama playing golf.

We have a five-year old as president right now who desperately needs to be given some crayons and a White House coloring book as a distraction. His staff could even turn off the television and take his phone away while he’s coloring the White House gold and adding his name to the top of it.

Seriously, if Trump is too busy tweeting, who is running the country?

Featured Image: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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