Military Veterans HUMILIATE Trump For Attacking Senator’s Military Record

Donald Trump just pissed off veterans.

Trump likes to claim that he loves the men and women who serve our country in the military, but on Monday morning, he proved otherwise by viciously attacking Senator Richard Blumenthal’s military record.

Blumenthal took to CNN on Monday morning to caution against obstructing the Russia investigation. Of course, thin-skinned Trump took offense and lashed out on Twitter.

It should be pointed out that Blumenthal misspoke about his service during the Vietnam War on a few occasions. He never claimed to be involved in any battles. He also never “cried like a little baby.”

But unlike Trump, Blumenthal actually did enlist with the Marine Corps Reserve and served for six years. He didn’t go to Vietnam but he did serve.

Donald Trump repeatedly dodged the draft and then received a medical deferment not long after being declared perfectly fit for service. Trump supposedly had bone spurs in his foot, but no proof exists to prove his claims. Like many over-privileged people at the time, Trump used his status to evade military service.

Trump’s attack on a U.S. Marine disgusted veterans, who ripped him a new one on social media.

Donald Trump should be ashamed of himself. Because it’s very clear that the men and women who serve, or have served, in the military are ashamed of him.

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