Hey Trump Fans: Trump Hasn’t Improved The Economy One Single Bit, And Here’s Proof

Trump hasn’t made the economy better, no matter what he and his sheeple claim. In discussing jobs on Trump’s TV network, Trump lackey Kayleigh McEnany acted as though Trump’s 1 million jobs mark is some kind of record, when in fact, he lags behind Obama’s final six months, and a bunch of other six-month periods during the Obama era.

Obama’s economy added 1.08 million jobs in his final six months. Trump’s economy has added 1.07 million in his first six months. That’s an average of 181,000 per month for Obama vs. 179,000 per month for Trump. This graph shows no evidence of a “Trump bump:”

Trump is having fun pretending he’s the best president ever, though, while he hasn’t managed to get any major economic policies through Congress and signed into law. No infrastructure packages, no tax reform, no new or better trade deals, nothing. All he’s done is use executive orders to eliminate some regulations. That’s not enough to cause the economic surge he and his lackeys keep insisting is happening. He is so not “making America great again” in terms of jobs. We are currently feeling the continuing effects of the Obama economy.

Trump has focused on the manufacturing and mining industries to the detriment of others, such as agriculture. When he pulled us out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, manufacturers cheered, while agriculture sat and stared in horror. We’re responsible for an awful lot of agricultural exports to Asia, and with TPP gone, the rest of the world is stepping in to fill the void with lower tariffs and other incentives.

Our agricultural industry lost a potential $10 billion bump in productivity because of Trump, and we lost competitive advantages over Europe and Australia. A four-country bloc here in the Americas—Mexico, Peru, Chile and Colombia—is becoming the trade leader here and is working on deals with New Zealand, Singapore and Australia, because fuck us.

They have no reason not to with Trump at the helm here. Trump has zero understanding of the economy and doesn’t seem to know or care that his job numbers could very easily be a sign of a slowing economy, not one gaining speed. Nor does he seem to know or care that Obama actually did much better during his second term. From February 2016 to July 2016, our economy added 1.24 million jobs. For that same period in 2015, we added 1.37 million jobs, and for those same six months in 2014, we added 1.51 million jobs.

During that period in 2013, we added 1.17 million jobs. That was the first full six months of Obama’s second term.

And Trump has only managed to add 1.07, which, as shown above, is lower than Obama’s 1.08 for his final six months. So Trump inherited a possibly slowing economy, which has only slowed more under his and the Republicans’ leadership (if, indeed, it can even be called that). For the five hundred millionth time, Trump sheeple, Trump has not turned the economy around. Not even close.

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