George Takei Just Lasered Trump With Some Perfectly Timed Expert Advice (TWEET)

It’s certainly no secret that Trump struggles with vocabulary words, and his spelling isn’t that great, either (who can forget covfefe?). He frequently assumes things he’s completely unaware of are extremely simple, and is caught off guard when they’re not. So it stands to reason that as the investigation continues to unfold, and the legalese flies fast and furious, he might have some trouble understanding what’s going on — or, even worse, rage-tweeting about it.

Not to worry! George Takei is here to help, with a brilliant tweet that’s as much solid advice as it is sick burn. Here it is below:

“Donald. Since it’s going to come up, it’s spelled “subpoena” not “supeena” and “indictment” not “inditement.”

Beautiful. Considering all the time Trump spends on Twitter, and how poorly he deals with any form of criticism, you can bet he’ll be fuming if he reads it. Keep up the trolling, Takei!

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Featured image via Mat Hayward/Getty Images for We Day