Trump MELTS DOWN On Vacation, Tries To Pretend He’s Actually Working (TWEETS)

While it seems like Donald Trump hasn’t worked a single full day since he stepped foot in the White House, the former reality television star apparently feels differently.

Currently, Trump is ‘busy’ enjoying his 17-day vacation, despite the fact that he’s already spent approximately 20% of his presidency on the golf course, and much more time glued to cable news and his Twitter account. If there’s any POTUS that doesn’t deserve to take time off, it’s certainly #45.

Trump has gotten a lot of backlash over taking time off, especially considering how much Trump criticized former president Barack Obama for taking a little bit of time off. It’s quite hilarious, because Obama worked his a** off for America. Trump hasn’t done a damn thing besides create chaos and humiliate the country, and he’s already taken three times as much time off than Obama! Here’s a quick refresher of how Trump has trashed Obama over the years:

Now that Trump is being outed for being the laziest POTUS we’ve ever had, it’s no wonder he threw an absolute FIT today in response to the criticism. This evening, Trump took a break from his golf outing at New Jersey’s Bedminster Golf Resort to whine about how he’s working hard and NOT on vacation, despite the fact that this is totally a vacation.

Seriously pathetic. Trump even left  work early to begin his golfing holiday today. The hypocrisy that follows everything Trump does is just mind-blowing. He truly lives in his own world, far removed from reality and any sort of logical thought.

Trump does not deserve to be taking a holiday right now. He is ignoring America’s pressing issues and the American people while creating disturbance everywhere he goes. Deep down, he knows he doesn’t deserve it – or else he wouldn’t be so damn defensive.

Featured image via Ian MacNicol  / Getty Images