WATCH: Fox Host Calls For Revolt If Grand Jury Indicts Trump

If a grand jury indicts Donald Trump, one Fox News host wants conservatives to revolt in retaliation.

When Robert Mueller impaneled a grand jury to hear evidence in Trump’s Russia scandal, it was a huge deal.

Should Trump get indicted, he would be the first president to get indicted.

Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were nearly indicted but special prosecutors waited for impeachment proceedings instead. Nixon resigned before he could be impeached and was subsequently pardoned by Geral Ford. Clinton’s impeachment trial ended in his favor, so Ken Starr abandoned the indictment effort.

Trump, however, is not being impeached at the moment because Republicans still refuse to do their constitutional duty. So the next best thing is a criminal indictment, which could be slapped against Trump or any member of his family if the grand jury sees fit to do so.

That’s going to depend on the evidence, of which there is plenty thanks to Donald Trump Jr., who released emails confirming that Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 Election.

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro all but directly threatened bloody violence if the grandy jury indicts Trump or any member of his family, even if the evidence proves one or all of them broke the law.

“I’m sure this is on Donald’s mind, he never stops thinking,” Pirro began. “But at the same time, this is an agenda.”

Pirro then warned that an “uprising” will occur upon indictment.

“Here is my concern. If they end up with an indictment against a family member, just to get at Donald Trump because they couldn’t get at him, there is going to be a real uproar, a real uprising in this country.”

Pirro then accused Mueller of rigging the grand jury against Trump.

“I was a prosecutor for 32 years, you can indict a ham sandwich. The only person in that grand jury is the district attorney who is interacting with all of those grand jurors on what the law is — and the body language is clear!”

Here’s the video via Twitter.

If indicting somebody is that easy, one wonders why so many police officers have been let off the hook by grand juries in recent years. Indeed, grand juries have failed to indict in clear cases where police officers murdered unarmed black men. Just look at the Eric Garner case for example. Garner was strangled to death just for allegedly selling cigarettes. The grand jury in that case decided not to indict the officer who killed him even though Garner’s death was ruled a homicide.

The evidence was clear. Garner’s death was even caught on film. It should have been enough to send the police officer to prison. Instead, the grand jury chose to indict the man who filmed Garner’s murder.

Clearly, Pirro is wrong about grand juries.

Pirro is also wrong to incite an “uprising” just because the walls of justice are closing in on Trump and his crime family. This amounts to a threat against the grand jury, which could be seen as interference. Pirro is literally telling the grand jury to absolve Trump or face possible violent retribution. That’s unacceptable and Robert Mueller should question Pirro for it.

She may be a former judge and prosecutor, but tampering with a grand jury in this way is still a crime she could be punished for.

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