Kellyanne Conway Just Humiliated Herself On National TV, Displays STUNNING Incompetence (VIDEO)

Donald Trump sure hasn’t done himself any favors by appointing equally incompetent staffers and advisors to head up his administration. Kellyanne Conway has definitely made a name for herself amongst these moronic characters, as she has become one of the least liked people on Trump’s team due to her alternative facts, refusal to answer questions, and being disturbingly misinformed about how the government works.

This was shown perfectly on Friday when Kellyanne Conway went on Fox News and tried to defend Trump from the grand jury that will be examining Trump’s Russia scandal. Instead of making a sound argument for Trump, she humiliated herself on national television by not knowing that grand juries are public information. You can watch this moment below, where Conway said:

“You know, the grand jury investigations are meant to remain secret, so someone leaked it. It could be anybody that’s in the grand jury. It could be one of the lawyers. It could be anyone, I suppose.”

Once again, the incompetence of Trump’s team is astounding. Law and justice reporter Brad Heath was quick to point out how wrong Conway was:

Conway had tried to attack the grand jury investigating Trump, and pretty much fell flat on her face. Unfortunately, while the fact that she’s this moronic is somewhat comical, the Trump voters watching this won’t know any better and will end up believing her.

After Conway’s flub, Fox News did its best to redirect the conversation back to something that would keep viewers from noticing — so everyone started freaking out about the leaks coming from the White House. It is absolutely pathetic that at a time when the president is under investigation for financial crimes and collusion with Russia, as well as obstruction of justice, Conway and Fox News are whining about leaks and grand juries. Then again, you can’t expect much from people who are THIS stupid.

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