Newsweek’s Latest Cover Effortlessly Demolishes ‘Lazy’ Trump, Meltdown Imminent (IMAGE)

The August 11, 2017 issue of Newsweek is one you might want to pick up. In fact, if you happen to own a golf course or two, you might even want to hang some copies up for decoration, because all that’s missing from the cover is the golden club he got as a gift from the PM of Japan leaning against his easy chair.

Accompanying the cover is a scathing op-ed from Brendan Smialowski that tears apart the legend Trump has tried to cultivate: He paints a picture of a successful presidency so far, with lots of accomplishments, admiration, “deals” with foreign leaders, and a jet-setting lifestyle befitting the king he surely thinks he is. Smialowski disagrees:

The most impressive quality of Trump’s myth is not just that it strays from reality but how thoroughly, even aggressively, it contravenes easily confirmable fact. When he was king, he was the King of Debt, and he may still owe as much as $1.8 billion to creditors. His casinos closed. His airline went bust. But even as he accrued failures, lawsuits and debts, Trump managed to turn “Trump” into a synonym for success. The letters were made of plastic, but they were dipped in gold.

The article is a must-read, but it’s the image on the cover, titled “LAZY BOY,” that steals the show:

Image via Twitter

The composite image, the caption, the details in this picture — it’s almost too good to be true. I don’t know if I would have depicted the corpulent commander with a diet soda, but the lazily-wiped Cheeto dust on his $250 Oxford shirt more than makes up for the forgiving choice of beverage.

Beside the image is a damning round-up of his presidency by the numbers: “SIX months in office, 40 days at golf clubs, ZERO pieces of major legislation.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if all that fast food starts coming back on the president pretty quickly when this issue hits the stands.

Featured image via Mario Tama/Getty Images