Trump Got Another Totally Real Letter From A Not Fake Kid Who Loves Him And No One’s Buying It

Sarah Huckabee Sanders decided to once again show everyone how much people love Donald Trump by reading a suspicious letter allegedly sent this time from a child in Falls Church, Virginia.

This letter come from “Frank,” who is 10 or 11 years old (Sanders could not exactly decide, later amending his age because Frank had a “birthday”) and wants to mow the White House lawn for free (which is good because Trump doesn’t exactly pay his contractors).

Sanders invited “Frank” to work in the Rose Garden with the groundskeeper for a morning, then did something that is more disgusting if he is actually real than if he is not: she used “Frank’s” letter to support the administration’s new racist immigration agenda that will prioritize people who “speak English” over those who do not:

“It’s our responsibility to keep the American dream alive for kids like Frank, immigrants who are already here and those who dream of immigrating here in the future.”

Recently, Sanders read a letter from a child called “Pickle” that was allegedly mailed unfolded to the White House.

When the letter failed to prove that Pickle was real, it seems that a casting call for the role was successful complete with a photo of “Pickle” wearing a suit in front of (as the letter says) a Donald Trump-themed birthday cake. The photo included no other people. It is still unclear if “Pickle” actually wrote the unfolded-yet-“mailed” letter, but a little boy allegedly named Dylan Harbin will be touring the White House soon.

Unlike “Pickle’s” letter, which appears to be a terrible mockup of what an idiot would assume is age-appropriate writing and spelling for a 10-year-old, Frank’s is typed (but, as with the last one, it appears to have never been folded). Though Frank was able to type a letter, he appears incapable of signing his own name:

Let’s say “Frank” and “Pickle” actually exist and were not in any way manufactured. We have a “President” who is attempting to use children to salvage his abysmal reputation and support his hateful agenda.

Naturally, people are both skeptical of and sickened by this:

If it seems like Trump wouldn’t just make this up, keep in mind that he recently got busted hanging a fake Time Magazine cover in his establishments and making up a fake friend named “Jim.”

Wonder if Trump told “Frank” what a “dump” the White House is. Watch Sanders read this totally not fake letter below:

Featured image via screengrab

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