GOP Congress Just Delivered Trump The Biggest Insult Possible; They Are Completely Ignoring Him

If there’s one thing Donald Trump fears the most, even more than negative press coverage or pending criminal indictments, is irrelevance. Trump, though, is tweeting his way right into irrelevance, so much so that the GOP Congress, which has been shaking in its boots over losing the support of Trump voters, is now completely ignoring him.

Over the weekend, Trump tweeted, “Unless the Republican Senators are total quitters, Repeal & Replace is not dead! Demand another vote before voting on any other bill!”

The Republican Congress didn’t flinch:

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) warned reporters Monday not to “leap to conclusions” that Republicans won’t be able to pass a healthcare bill, but he appeared to hint that a second vote isn’t imminent.

“What we do know is next is nominations and hopefully [Senate Minority Leader Charles] Schumer will agree to break the logjam … and that would be a good use of our next two weeks,” the No. 2 Senate Republican said.

Source: The Hill

Another Republican echoed the non-response:

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), another member of Senate GOP leadership, said Republicans could circle back to healthcare when they reach a consensus. Until then, “it’s time to move on” and put “wins on the board,” he said.

“Obviously we didn’t give up and we didn’t quit and we gave it our best shot, and we can come back to this at a later time,” Blunt said, asked about Trump’s tweets.

Another GOP rep thinks Trump will be gone by the mid terms.

Ouch. So much for the bully pulpit.

There are so many reasons not to take Trump seriously, like the fact that he isn’t a legitimate president and that massive populist movement that had the GOP bowing at Trump’s feet really doesn’t exist.

Or, how about the fact that Trump and his White House are likely going to be buried in criminal indictments any minute. That’s not a bad reason for the GOP to start distancing themselves.

Maybe it’s the constant state of chaos that is hurting Trump’s image, or perhaps it’s the fact that he seems to know absolutely nothing about how this country works.

Everyone who has watched the news over the last few days knows that repealing Obamacare failed to get through the Senate in a slim simple majority vote.

Trump realized it right after the vote:

Since, though, he’s been on a Twitter rant about getting rid of the filibuster, even though there were no filibusters:

No, no they don’t. If they did, you would be on trial.

They actually did have the chance and Harry Reid didn’t do it.

Once again, Donald, they tried getting 51 votes and they failed.

What’s most surprising about the GOP’s change of heart toward their Dear Leader is that it’s taken this long. He’s long shown himself as an erratic petulant man-child who’s loyal to exactly one person — him. At this point, all Republicans can do is hope that they can stand far enough away so they won’t be hit by shrapnel from his exploding administration.

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