Trump Whines About Obamacare And Takes Credit For Obama’s Economy In Delusional Morning Rant

Donald Trump is absolutely obsessed with erasing President Obama’s achievements and taking credit for them.

In yet another Twitter tantrum on Monday morning, Trump began by whining about the Affordable Care Act.

As usual, Trump is lying his ass off.

The truth is that members of Congress must buy health insurance through the exchanges like the rest of us and they don’t get a special subsidy either. They pay what the rest of us do.

According to, “lawmakers and their staffs face additional requirements that other Americans don’t,” and the “subsidy” which Trump appears to be referring to is just a contribution from the federal government. Lawmakers are merely getting a contribution from their employer like ordinary Americans who get insurance through their employer. Except lawmakers are not getting insurance through their employer like they used to. Members of Congress used to get their healthcare paid for by the taxpayer. That ended under Obamacare as lawmakers were forced to buy a private plan through the exchanges like everyone else. In other words, Congress pays what we pay.

And then Trump once again took credit for President Obama’s economy.

By the end of President Obama’s tenure, and long before Trump was elected, the stock market had already reached record highs. Unemployment fell to under 5 percent thanks to Obama’s record 75 consecutive months of job growth. Wages also rose by 2.9 percent. Wages under Trump have actually remained flat no matter how much he wants to take credit for imaginary wage hikes. The border was also secure under Obama as illegal immigration dropped significantly under his watch. And if Trump really thinks his White House isn’t chaotic he is truly delusional.

The bottom line is that Trump is trying to take credit for things President Obama did while trying to erase his legacy. Trump won’t have a legacy, so he is trying to steal Obama’s for himself. It’s just more desperation from a pathetic man who is unfit to be president, but a perfect fit for federal prison.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images